Zero-Carbon Travel丨SCU solar-storage-charging one-stop solution showcasing at ESIE - SCU

Zero-Carbon Travel丨SCU solar-storage-charging one-stop solution showcasing at ESIE

On April 9, 2023, the 11th Energy Storage International Summit and Exhibition (ESIE2023) with the theme of “Conspiring for a New Power Mechanism and Creating a New Era of Energy Storage” was successfully concluded at the Beijing Shougang Convention and Exhibition Center. The three-day exhibition conference attracted 300+ industry colleagues to gather here to discuss new breakthroughs in energy storage.

One-stop solution attracting attention

Under the background of “Double Carbon”, as an industry-leading equipment manufacturer in the field of power electronics and new energy, SCU actively explores clean energy utilization technologies, focuses on the energy, power electronics, and control technologies, and creates a safe, reliable, efficient and convenient, A new energy solar-storage-charging one-stop solution with multiple functions, cost optimization, and high compatibility was unveiled at the summit, attracting attention. Industry experts, partners, and professional audiences took turns to attend, visit and negotiate and offered “olive branches” for cooperation.

“One-stop” solution with outstanding capabilities

The SCU new energy solar, storage, and charging one-stop solution is a full series of innovative technological achievements with completely independent intellectual property rights, manufacturing new energy and off-grid inverters (MPCS), submerged liquid-cooled lithium battery systems, super-fast charging, and other high-end equipment products, and through the digital control platform to realize the integrated operation and management of light (wind) power new energy production, storage, and ultra-fast charging of vehicles, to achieve the effective use of new energy distributed power generation, and at the same time play a role in peak-shaving of the power grid. To promote the rapid development of the new energy industry, combined with the upgrading of the high-end equipment manufacturing industry, it has become an important implementation way to achieve the energy-saving and emission-reduction goals of carbon peak and carbon neutrality. This solution can be widely used in road transportation, mining machinery, transport vehicles, port shore power, etc.

One-stop solution Presentation to share insights

At the exhibition site, SCU shared the content of new product releases and gave a special speech on the new energy solar, storage and charging one solution in the “Energy Storage Technology and Application Sub-Forum”, which realized:

New energy storage and conversion—Using bidirectional power change technology, lithium battery module flexible stacking technology, and BMS/EMS linkage battery protection technology, it realizes AC-DC bidirectional conversion, ensures the safety of lithium batteries, and has a long life of more than 10 years; DC flexible super fast charging – use 60KW high-power liquid cooling module to achieve 480KW charging power, use flexible DC control technology and liquid cooling super charging terminal control technology, realize super-fast charging of electric vehicles in 8~20 minutes, meet the fast Charging needs for charging and long-distance transportation; digital energy management platform – using big data analysis, cloud platform intelligent monitoring, and digital control technology to realize power conversion, grid interaction, electric vehicle charging and system security.

This solution has significant social benefits of energy saving and emission reduction and is a key technology to realize carbon reduction, low carbon, and zero carbon applications.

Energy storage is an indispensable and important component to achieve the goal of “double carbon”. With the blowout development of the energy storage industry, the SCU is also following the trend of the times, and continues to develop and improve the one-stop solution of solar, storage and charging.

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