SCU EV Charger installed at the beijing daxing Airport

SCU EV Charger installed at the Beijing Daxing Airport

70units Power Stack and 160units Charge Posts installed at Beijing Daxing International Airport

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About beijing Daxing International Airport Daxing International Airport is located at the junction of Daxing District, Beijing, and Langfang City, Hebei Province. It is 46 kilometers away from Tiananmen Square in the north, 67 kilometers away from Beijing Capital International Airport in the north, 55 kilometers away from Xiong’an New District in the south, and about 640 kilometers away from Beijing Nanjiao Airport in the west. It is a 4F international airport, a world-class aviation hub, and a new source of power for national development. It covers an area of 1.4 million square meters, equivalent to the land of 63 Tiananmen Square. The volume is the sum of the capital airport terminals 1, 2, and 3. Construction started in 2015 and officially put into operation on September 25, 2019. In just four years, a world-class airport with a grand scale and a cool shape has emerged, opening the capital’s “new door” to the world.

Project Introduction

The Airport will be turned into a green airport with efficient operation, achieving clean energy vehicles on site and supporting facilities for charging, kicking off the “oil-to-electricity” process of global airports.

There are various types of vehicles in the flight area. How to achieve high and low voltage compatibility and provide efficient and energy-saving charging services for different models has become the core point of the project.

Vehicles operating in the airfield are all internal vehicles of the airport, and there is no charge for charging. How to simplify the operation steps and improve the charging efficiency?

SCU brings solutions!

SCU Solution

As an important guarantee for the airport, vehicles are all new energy vehicles, and the supporting solution is SCU’s safe and intelligent EV charging solution!

SCU Product:

SCU, a leader of charging station manufacturer in China, provides Satellites Charger (EV charging power stack + EV charger post) solution for this project.

SCU EV charger at Daxing airport
SCU EV charger at Daxing airport


Constant power, wide voltage range, large current

The power module is 20KW EV charger power module with maximum current 100A, DC output voltage 50-750VDC. The constant power output is between 250-750VDC. It has the two outstanding advantages of ultra-wide output voltage range and ultra-large charging current. Energy efficiency reduces the complexity of the system and is more reliable and efficient.

Flexible allocation Function

It could be automatically distribution adjustable part power to fixed part to implement flexible allocation.

The split design can further improve the charging efficiency, and can flexibly allocate output power according to different models, make full use of resources, maximize equipment efficiency, reduce equipment and power supply investment, and enjoy the same efficient charging experience with less investment.

Cantilever design

The charging terminal adopts cantilever design and advanced cable storage function, which effectively avoids dragging the ground with gun wires, reduces wear and extends life. The gun body adopts ergonomic design, which is convenient to operate, labor-saving, and has a better experience. With the locking design, it can prevent accidental falling off during work and improve safety and reliability.

Simplified charging process

They are all vehicles inside the airport in the flight area and do not need to be charged. In order to simplify the operation steps and improve the charging efficiency, the EV rapid charging stations are controlled to set VIN self-recognition charging first, and the charging strategy is set in the operation background. The identified vehicles in the system do not need to scan the code to pay, and can charge, which is more convenient and efficient.

Intelligent human-computer interaction

When charging, the color touch screen can display charging information in real time, with voice prompts throughout the process, humanized guide operation procedures, and intelligent human-computer interaction to provide users with a good charging experience. All charging information can be connected to a unified operation management platform to fully grasp the operation of the system, and be able to upgrade and detect in time so that the EV charging station is always in a better state.

About SCU Founded in 2003, SCU has a lifetime of experience in research, development, and production of electrical and power electronic solutions for the global industry. SCU has three, customer-focused, globally leading businesses: Uninterruptible Power Supply (UPS), EV charger, and Energy Storage System (ESS). SCU exports to more than 50 countries worldwide.

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