Exhibition Invitation: Solar&Storage Live Africa-2024

Exhibition Invitation: Solar&Storage Live Africa-2024

As a commercial and industrial energy storage system manufacturer and green energy solution provider, SCU recently announced that it will participate in the Solar Photovoltaic Exhibition in Johannesburg, South Africa ( Solar&Storage Live Africa). The Solar&Storage Live Africa is South Africa’s largest and most influential power and solar photovoltaic exhibition.

Exhibition Information:
Date: 18-20 March 2024
Location: Johannesburg, South Africa
Gallery: Gallagher Convention Centre
Booth Number: Visit us at F154

The Solar Show Africa

SCU will bring its latest developed energy storage system-GRES to the exhibition, aiming to showcase its advanced technologies and solutions to audiences from all over the world. Energy storage products are efficient, reliable, and environmentally friendly, and can provide sustainable energy solutions for different application scenarios.

In a region like South Africa, which is rich in solar resources but insufficient in energy supply, the application of energy storage products is particularly important.

Usage scenarios of the energy storage system in South Africa:

  • Rural electricity supply: In remote areas of South Africa, electricity supply may be unreliable or inaccessible. SCU’s energy storage products can be used to provide reliable power supply, meet power needs in rural areas, and support agricultural production and residents’ lives.

  • Commercial and industrial applications: South Africa’s commercial and industrial sectors are also facing power stability and cost pressures. SCU’s energy storage products can be used to balance power demand, reduce energy costs, improve energy efficiency, and provide backup power when the power supply is unstable or grid failure occurs.

  • Microgrid projects: In remote areas or places without power supply, the integration of renewable energy and energy storage systems can be achieved through microgrid projects. SCU’s energy storage products can be used with renewable energy sources such as solar photovoltaics to build reliable microgrid systems to provide a stable power supply to local communities.

  • Emergency backup power: In South Africa, power outages and emergencies can affect critical facilities and services such as hospitals, schools and communications infrastructure. SCU’s energy storage products can be used as emergency backup power sources to provide continuous power supply and ensure the operation of key facilities and services.

Statement from SCU

“We will take this opportunity to exchange ideas and collaborate with professionals from various industries, explore future cooperation opportunities, help address energy shortages in South Africa and other regions, promote the adoption of clean energy, and make a greater contribution to their energy transition and sustainable development.”

This exhibition also marks SCU’s further expansion and development in the African market, further consolidating its leading position in the global energy industry. During the exhibition, SCU’s booth will be open to all people interested in energy storage system technology. Welcome to come and learn and communicate.

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