Italy KEY ENERGY Transition Expo 2024 Review

Italy KEY-The Energy Transition Expo 2024 Review

From February 28th to March 1st, SCU brought its integrated light storage and charging solution to the Italian KEY-The Energy Transition Expo (KEY ENERGY). Deeply engaged in the green energy fields of PV, energy storage system, and EV charger, SCU has been committed to reducing carbon emissions, actively promoting environmental protection innovation, and promoting sustainable development. This exhibition aims to showcase SCU’s latest achievements in clean energy and discuss carbon-neutral future and development with global peers.

Exhibition Site – Powering Sustainable Futures Together: Towards Low-Carbon and Zero-Emission Solutions.

At the exhibition, SCU’s booth attracted the attention of numerous visitors. Visitors stopped to watch the showcased energy storage systems and EV charging stations by SCU, engaging in in-depth discussions and exchanges with SCU’s engineers and sales team. They showed a keen interest in SCU’s innovative technology and solutions, recognizing its leading position in the renewable energy sector.

SCU at the exhibition site

The benefits of the PV + ESS + EV charger integrated solution lie in its integration of clean energy generation from photovoltaic systems, energy storage systems, and electric vehicle charging functionalities. This enhances energy utilization efficiency, improves power supply stability, reduces carbon emissions, and lowers energy costs, providing a comprehensive solution for sustainable development and the transition to green energy.

The application of commercial and industrial battery energy storage system provides an eco-friendly energy solution for enterprises. This system enables self-consumption, uninterrupted switching between grid-connected and off-grid modes, absorption and release of energy by energy storage batteries, as well as peak shaving and valley filling functions. Its implementation effectively reduces carbon emissions and enhances energy utilization efficiency. Through flexible scheduling of energy storage systems, enterprises can better cope with fluctuations in energy demand, thereby reducing energy costs and improving the stability of energy supply. This initiative contributes to achieving the goal of sustainable development for businesses.


Smart EV charging products are targeted at current and next-generation new energy vehicles, providing solutions that meet multiple standards such as CCS ISO/DIN. It has passed OCA certification and supports OCPP 1.6J/2.0. The system adopts a dynamic allocation function to meet the use needs of different vehicles. The remote maintenance platform monitors the equipment 24 hours a day and supports multi-language operation. Flexible configuration, high efficiency and energy saving, intelligent interaction, and promote the development of green and low-carbon energy.

EVMS-EV charging post

New energy and low carbon have always been the mainstream trends in future development, and SCU actively responds to this trend, continuously exploring the direction of progress in the low-carbon journey. Looking ahead, SCU will continue to devote itself to the research and development of innovative products and solutions, providing more sustainable energy solutions for global customers.

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