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High power lithium-ion battery

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High Power Lithium Batteries Advantages

The lithium-ion battery with low internal resistance and low temperature rise is selected as the C-rate lithium battery, to provide short-term but high-power supply for li-ion UPS, EPS, PCS or other loads. With proven BMS triple level protection, it can provide explosive power and ensure longer cycle life and reliability as well. C-rating of lithium-ion battery has become the “sprint champion” in energy storage products.

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High power

Excellent high current discharge performance
High power density, high rate charging and discharging;
Ultra wide voltage range and stable output voltage;

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High Safety

Low-thermal-runaway-rate lithium-ion phosphate;
Triple-layered protection, more than 200 security designs
Multiple safety tests to deal with violent collision;
Multi-state monitoring and hierarchical actions to ensure battery system safety;
Active equalization to maximize system capacity;

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Low Cost

Small in size, light in weight, and low in space and installation cost;
Low in operation and maintenance cost;
4000 cycles life, low cost per kilowatt hour;
Seamless switching to avoid economic loss caused by power interruption;

High Power Lithium Battery Types


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System capacity: 40AH
Rated power: 19.2kWh
Size: 600*550*2250 (W*D*H)mm

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System capacity: 80AH
Rated power: 38.4kWh
Size: 600*750*2250 (W*D*H)mm

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System capacity: 120AH
Rated power: 57.6kWh
Size: 600*1000*2250 (W*D*H)mm

Specifications of high rate lithium batteries

Components10 battery pack+1 control module10 battery pack+1 control module10 battery pack+1 control module
Rated charge rate @25℃2C2C2C
Rated discharge rate @25℃5C4C3C
System capacity40AH80AH120AH
Rated power,kWh19.238.457.6
Rated Voltage,Vdc480480480
Working Voltage, V DC375~547.5375~547.5375~547.5
BMSActive equalization BMSActive equalization BMSActive equalization BMS
Size(W*D*H) (mm)600*550*2250600*750*2250600*1000*2250
weight  kg335555725
Cycle life25℃ 1C/1C
EOL80% ≥4000times
25℃ 1C/1C
EOL80% ≥4000times
25℃ 1C/1C
EOL80% ≥4000times

What is lithium battery C-rating?

The lithium C-rating system selects a high-rate charge-discharge lithium iron phosphate battery with low internal resistance and low-temperature rise, with active balance BMS control technology and three-level safety protection measures.
While ensuring cycle life and reliability, it has super explosive power and can realize rapid charging and discharging at a large rate. It is used for UPS, EPS, PCS, DC and so on.
Loads such as power sources provide short-term high-power power supply, becoming the “sprint champion” of the battery system.

SCU CMS Lithium Modular UPS Installed at Shanghai Jiaotong University Super-computing Center

Since 2018, SCU has established good cooperation with Shanghai Jiaotong University to provide CMS series modular UPS and UPS dedicated lithium battery systems for its super-computing center. We strictly control the whole process of system design, construction, testing, acceptance, operation and maintenance, providing high-quality power protection for the super-computing center.

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Integrated smart grids with Solar+Storage+EV charger in Hainan Boao City

SCU provided Hainan Boao GRES integrated energy integrated power solution: photovoltaic power generation system, solar battery energy storage system, EV charging station

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SCU: Application of lithium-ion battery and UPS instead of diesel generator in Moscow

Commercial Building in Moscow, Russia was having the problems of covering large area, much fuel consumption, big noise and heavy pollution from the diesel generator. SCU provided energy storage batteries instead of diesel generators as a backup power for the building, which solved the noise and gas pollution problems of diesel generators. Moreover, it can make full use of the peak-to-valley price difference to save costs and bring more income on investment.

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