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CHINA HUANENG 40ft Container System

A 40ft Container of 2MW for Supercharging Station Electric Heavy-Duty Truck Battery Swapping Project

SCU cooperated with CHINA HUANENG to provide a 40ft automated centralized charging container system of 2MW for the supercharging station electric heavy-duty trucks battery swapping project it invested in, providing key support for the mine’s new energy heavy-duty trucks to achieve efficient and high-power charging and battery swap.

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ev charging station in Thailand

Public EV Charging Stations on Highways in Thailand

We collaborated with a backend systems company in Thailand to provide them with EVMS EV chargers. This partnership aimed to assist them in establishing a public charging station near a highway, offering charging services for electric vehicles travelling along the route.

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Microgrid System with Energy Storage and Charging Stations Applied in an African Factory

SCU provides an energy storage system (GRES) and EV charger microgrid system for a factory in Ethiopia to help the factory’s trams charge. The energy storage system reduces the impact of EV chargers on the power grid and can also save costs and increase profits for the factory.

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Ultra fast ev charger for BMW

SCU Provides Ultra Fast Liquid Cooling EV Charger for BMW China Production Site

SCU provides customized EVMS series ultra-fast liquid-cooling EV chargers for BMW’s electric car production site in China. The terminals comply with CCS2 and CHAdeMO standards, respectively. This set of EV chargers has been successfully installed in the factory parking lot to provide testing services for BMW’s newly developed electric vehicles.

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PV BESS Solution for a Supermarket in Europe to Save Electricity Costs

PV BESS Solution for a Supermarket in Europe to Save Electricity Costs

In response to rising energy costs and environmental pressure, a supermarket in Europe chose to introduce SCU’s commercial and industrial energy storage system. The PV + ESS self-consumption model comprehensively improved energy utilization efficiency and significantly saved energy costs.

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African Hospital Energy Storage Off-Grid Solution

1MWh/200kW African Hospital Energy Storage Off-Grid Solution

SCU provided a 1MWh/200kW energy storage system off-grid solution for a hospital in Africa, which enabled the hospital to eliminate the high cost and noise problems of diesel generators, achieving dual benefits of environmental protection and economy.

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ev charger in Africa

CCS2 CHAdeMO EV charger for a Shopping Mall in Africa

SCU provides an EVMS EV charger for a shopping mall in Africa, which supports CCS2 and CHAdeMO standards, can meet the charging needs of different electric models, and provides shoppers with a clean and convenient charging experience for their electric vehicles.

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EV Testing Company C&I Energy Storage Solutions

Commercial and Industrial Energy Storage Solutions for EV Testing Companies

As a key player in the EV industry, EV testing companies have a huge demand for electric energy during their testing process. SCU provided a PV+ESS commercial and industrial energy storage solution to a European EV testing company using AC coupling, which successfully helped it achieve self-sufficiency.

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ess in thermal power plants

Energy Storage System Application as a Backup Power Supply in Thermal Power Plants

SCU provided an energy storage system as a UPS solution for a thermal power plant in Austria to solve the problem of power grid instability and power outages due to large power equipment and power demand. The solution improves the stability and reliability of thermal power plants and sets a new benchmark for a sustainable power industry in Austria.

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