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lithium ion UPS

SCU Lithium-Ion Battery UPS in Indonesian Data Center

As a reliable lithium-ion UPS data center solution provider, SCU provided lithium-ion battery ups for data center solutions for a data center in Indonesia. The solution was adopted and successfully implemented, providing important power support and ensuring that servers, Storage and other IT equipment can continue to operate.

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impact load electricity solution

Power Solutions for Impact Loads of Engineering Vehicle Testing Equipment

The European customer’s engineering vehicle test equipment is an impact load, which is much greater than the input power. The power grid capacity is limited and cannot withstand the instantaneous impact load. SCU provides it with an impact load electricity solution: a customized energy storage container to solve this problem.

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African Electrification of Villages

Micro-grid Solution for Electrification of Villages in Africa

SCU helps electrification villages in Africa and provides energy storage systems to form a PV+ESS+DG micro-grid hybrid diesel generator system.SCU will continue to be committed to making more contributions to rural electrification in Africa and helping it achieve sustainable development and clean energy utilization.

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ESS for port RTGs

A Diesel-Grid-BESS Hybrid Solution for Rubber-Tired Gantry Cranes (RTGs)

SCU provides an RTG energy storage system for Thai ports with Diesel-Grid-BESS hybrid solutions to help the port electrify. SCU helps ports reduce carbon emissions and improve energy efficiency and is committed to positively contributing to global environmental protection.

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Energy Storage and EV Charging Solution for Electric Vehicle Fleet Charging

SCU provides charging solutions for European transport fleets. Since the grid’s power is not enough to meet the charging needs, we provide customers with a dynamic capacity expansion plan, a combination of Grid + Energy Storage + EV charger.

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PV ESS Charging Integrated Solution for Environmental Development for a Plastic Enterprise

SCU’s PV-ESS-EV Charging solution saves costs and increases revenue for Norway plastics company. Contribute to corporate energy conservation, emission reduction, and green transformation.

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milk powder factory

Netherlands Milk Powder Factory Uses SCU Commercial and Industrial Energy Storage Solutions to Save Electricity Bills

SCU provides an energy storage container for the milk powder factory. It adopts an AC coupling scheme and uses EMS to set the charging and discharging time. It can be combined with the local negative price policy in the Netherlands electricity market and use the peak-valley electricity price difference to make profits and save electricity bills.

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SCU Mobile Battery Energy Storage System for Emergency Power Supply for HK Electric

SCU provides HK Electric with a green mobile battery storage system. This system is powered by batteries, which not only helps it solve power supply problems more easily and conveniently but also avoids air and noise pollution during operation, minimizing the impact on the surrounding environment impact, helping the city become carbon neutral.

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An HPC Charger Solution for Electric Logistics Truck Charging towards Zero Emissions

A Swedish logistics company chose to cooperate with SCU, and we provided it with a reliable charging solution: a 360kw EV charging stack; each stack has 2 posts.

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