SCU EV Charger and BESS Solution In ASEW 2024

Review | SCU EV Charger and BESS Solution In ASEW 2024

SCU attended the 2024 Renewable Energy Exhibition from July 3 to 5 with its energy storage microgrid integrated system, DC fast EV charger, and supercharging liquid cooling charger post to promote the construction of a new pattern of sustainable development in Thailand.

Let’s review SCU’s exhibited products and wonderful moments!

Integrated Energy Storage System-GRES

The GRES integrated photovoltaic storage system is an intelligent, modular power supply device that integrates lithium batteries and multifunctional bidirectional energy storage inverters. The system can be connected to PV through inverters to achieve photovoltaic absorption, or through VSG to achieve a diesel generator and energy storage linkage system, greatly improving the utilization rate of renewable energy.

Thailand has sufficient sunshine all year round and rich solar energy resources, which provides unique conditions for the development of renewable energy. SCU’s solar energy storage system solution can help factories and enterprises make full use of solar energy, reduce energy costs, and achieve green development. SCU’s battery energy storage system is seamlessly integrated with the photovoltaic system, which can store excess solar power during the day and release it at night or on cloudy days to ensure all-weather power supply. Such a system not only improves energy efficiency, but also reduces dependence on the power grid, reduces electricity costs, and helps reduce carbon emissions, helping Thailand move towards a greener and more sustainable future.

Through intelligent management, this system achieves peak shaving and valley filling, smoothes the electricity curve, and provides an effective solution for enterprises to significantly reduce electricity costs. In the case of a power shortage or power outage, the system can respond quickly to ensure the continuity and stability of enterprise production and has been highly recognized by exhibitors.

EVMS series DC fast EV charger

CE-EMC certification
CE-LVD certification
CB certification
TUV certification

SCU EVMS series DC fast EV charger can charge all vehicles using CCS, CHAdeMO, GB/T, AC Type 2. The equipment covers 60KW-300KW power, the whole machine efficiency ≥95%, and can be equipped with single, double or triple sockets to meet customers’ charging needs in various scenarios.

Supercharging liquid cooling EV charger post

Charging for 5 minutes
Range of 300km

The new generation of liquid-cooled super charging terminal, equipped with 600A, 1000V charging gun, has a single gun peak power of up to 600kW, and is designed for efficient and fast charging. Advanced liquid cooling technology enables the terminal to effectively dissipate heat during high-power charging, ensuring stable operation of the equipment and extending its service life. Its excellent performance and safety make it an ideal choice for complex charging environments. The 21-inch advertising screen, with commercial display functions, can be widely used in supercharging stations to achieve a perfect combination of strong charging and value-added communication.

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