SCU EV Charger Obtains Thailand PEA Low Priority Grid Connection License

SCU EV Charger Obtains Thailand PEA Low Priority Grid Connection License

Recently, SCU’s EVMS Series EV chargers have successfully passed the test and obtained the low priority grid connection license from the Provincial Electricity Authority (PEA) of Thailand, which means that SCU EV chargers can be directly connected to the grid and used, providing strong support for the development of Thailand’s electric vehicle charging network.

SCU is on the PEA low priority list

PEA is the largest power company in Thailand and a state-owned enterprise under the Ministry of Interior. Headquartered in Bangkok, it manages the supply and distribution of electricity in 74 provinces of Thailand. PEA’s mission is to provide reliable and efficient electricity services to residents and businesses in Thailand.

Thailand is one of the countries with a rapidly developing electric vehicle market in Southeast Asia. The construction and improvement of charging infrastructure are crucial to promoting the popularization of electric vehicles. As a leading global EV charger manufacturer, SCU continues to innovate in the field of charging technology and is committed to providing customers with efficient and reliable charging solutions.

Thailand’s Electricity Priority Policy

In Thailand, the electricity distribution priority policy ensures that the electricity supply to household users is prioritized, followed by commercial users. This policy aims to guarantee the basic living electricity needs of residents while balancing the distribution of electricity for commercial and other purposes. In this context, obtaining a low priority grid connection license means that SCU’s EV chargers can be directly connected to the grid without affecting household electricity consumption, making full use of Thailand’s existing power resources to provide efficient and stable charging services for electric vehicles.

Technical advantages of SCU EV charger

Before obtaining the PEA grid connection license, the SCU EV chargers underwent rigorous testing and evaluation. SCU EV chargers have the following significant advantages:

  • Efficient charging: SCU EV chargers use advanced DC fast charging technology to significantly shorten charging time, improve charging efficiency, and meet the fast charging needs of electric vehicle users.

  • Intelligent management: SCU EV chargers are equipped with an intelligent management system that can monitor the charging status in real time, optimize the charging process, and ensure charging safety and reliability.

  • Flexible grid connection: SCU EV chargers can flexibly connect to the grid, make full use of low priority power resources, reduce operating costs, and improve the economic benefits of charging stations.
High power EV Charging Stack

Promote the development of Thailand’s electric vehicle charging network

The EVMS passed the test and obtained the PEA low priority grid connection license, which is not only an affirmation of SCU’s product quality and technical strength, but also injects new impetus into the development of Thailand’s electric vehicle charging network. With the popularization of electric vehicles, the demand for the construction of charging infrastructure is also increasing. SCU will continue to leverage its technological advantages to provide efficient and reliable charging solutions to help Thailand achieve its green transportation and sustainable development goals.

Looking to the future

SCU has always been committed to promoting the development of the global electric vehicle charging network. The acquisition of Thailand’s PEA low priority grid connection license is an important progress made by SCU in the international market. In the future, SCU will continue to strengthen cooperation with power departments and enterprises in various countries, innovate technology, improve product performance, and provide better charging services to global users.

We sincerely invite customers and partners who are interested in electric vehicle charging infrastructure to contact us to explore the unlimited possibilities of charging solutions. Let us work together to contribute to global green transportation and sustainable development.

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