SCU Attend CharIN Testival & Conference ASIA 2024

SCU Attend CharIN Testival & Conference ASIA 2024

On April 16, 2024, SCU participated in the CharIN Testival & Conference ASIA 2024 held in South Korea. This meeting is hosted by the International Organization for Standardization (ISO). International standards related to communication control between electric vehicles and chargers will be developed and verified at the component stage. It aims to promote the development and standardization of electric vehicle charging technology and provide better solutions for the interoperability and performance of electric vehicle charging facilities.

CharIN Testival & Conference ASIA 2024 opening ceremony

SCU participates with well-known major electric vehicle companies and EV charger manufacturers to check compatibility issues in fast charging. SCU participated in a series of tests, including dynamic pairing sessions, conformance tests (CCTS), etc.

SCU technical team is testing

During the testing process, 11 electric vehicles or simulators produced by 10 companies including Hyundai, Kia Motors, and Volkswagen will be cross-validated and tested by 11 EV charger manufacturers in turn. Test results will be fed back to each manufacturer to resolve charging errors. SCU CCS EV charger participated in the test.

SCU technical team tests a Volkswagen electric car
SCU technical team tests a Volkswagen electric car

At the same time, SCU also participated in activities hosted by the Open Charging Alliance (OCA) to examine the Operation and Management Standards for Electric Vehicle Chargers (OCPP), taking this opportunity to develop international standard chargers with higher application safety and more advanced technology.

On April 19, SCU participated in the Public Day Forum event, with four main meeting themes: Policy Government plan for Charging infrastructure, Vehicle-to-Grid (V2G), Charging Infrastructure & Security, and Standard & Testing. These topics are related to the technological development of EV chargers. SCU actively participates in and summarizes its own experience, and is committed to providing more reliable, efficient, and safe charging solutions to meet user and market needs.

As an electric vehicle supply equipment (EVSE) manufacturer, SCU has been committed to improving the communication functions, safety, compatibility, interoperability, etc. of EV charger products, and is committed to providing users with a perfect and convenient charging experience. By participating in this CharIN event, SCU conducted in-depth exchanges and discussions with participants on the field of electric vehicle charging, exchanged experiences with experts and peers in the industry, shared the latest technological progress and industry trends, and is committed to promoting the electric vehicle industry development.

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