SCU Attend The 19th Shenzhen International Charging Facility Industry Exhibition

SCU Won The 2024 China Supercharging Technology Excellence Award at The 19th Shenzhen International Charging Facility Industry Exhibition

On April 24, 2024, SCU participated in the 19th Shenzhen International Charging Facility Industry Exhibition. At this exhibition, SCU won the “2024 China Supercharging Technology Excellence Award” with its cutting-edge supercharging technology and smart supercharging solutions. This honor not only fully demonstrates SCU’s outstanding achievements in the field of supercharging, but also reflects the industry’s support for its highly recognized and praised products and solutions.

SCU Won The 2024 China Supercharging Technology Excellence Award

At this exhibition, SCU demonstrated new energy solutions such as supercharging liquid cooling EV charger posts and solar BESS charging station all-in-one solution, which attracted the attention and praise of many visitors. SCU discussed the opportunities and challenges of new energy charging with the industry.

SCU at the Shenzhen exhibition site

Supercharging liquid cooling EV charger

The new generation of liquid-cooled superchargers was unveiled at this exhibition, equipped with a 600A, 1000V charging gun, with a peak power of up to 600kW per gun, and is specially designed for efficient and rapid power replenishment. It adopts advanced liquid cooling technology to achieve an efficient and fast charging experience, bringing a new charging experience to users.

Supercharging EV charger

The EV charger posts adopt a hidden charging gun cable design, which hides the charging gun and cables inside the pile body, effectively solving the problems of retracting and wearing the gun cable, and improving the service life of the equipment and user operating experience.

The EV charger post is equipped with a 21-inch advertising screen and has commercial display functions. It can be widely used in supercharging sites to achieve the perfect integration of strong charging and value-added communication.

Solar BESS charging station all-in-one solution

The PV storage and charging intelligent power station consists of a PCS energy storage converter, lithium battery module, BMS battery management system, EMS energy management system, EV charging module and EV charger posts. It can realize AC and DC bidirectional conversion, energy storage, active balancing management, System operation control and data monitoring. The split design of the EV charger post is suitable for various electric vehicle charging scenario applications.

PV storage and charging intelligent power station

The PV storage and charging intelligent power station can achieve peak shaving and valley filling, gain revenue, and be highly integrated and dynamically increase capacity. The system is connected to photovoltaics through micro-inverters to realize photovoltaic consumption; it can also meet diverse needs such as mobile rescue and backup power supply. At the same time, the first-level conversion of the charging module increases the efficiency to 98%. It has liquid-cooled supercharging EV charger posts to achieve supercharging, flexibly distribute charging power, and provide safe and controllable charging management.

In the future, SCU will continue to explore the road of innovation with its outstanding technical strength and innovative spirit, provide users with more convenient, efficient and reliable charging services, promote the healthy development of the charging industry, and strive to create a more efficient higher-quality charging service and supercharging ecosystem.

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