SCU cooperates with China's front-runner chip factory SMIC for more than 10 years - SCU

SCU cooperates with China’s front-runner chip factory SMIC for more than 10 years

Recently, another batch of uninterruptible power supply systems of SCU Electric will enter SMIC. As a high-end chip manufacturer, SMIC continues to strengthen its production and operation capabilities. Technology accurate to a few tenths of a micrometer requires robust power support. In 2011, SMIC and SCU established a long-term cooperation relationship. SCU has successively provided more than 100 sets of UPS systems, with a capacity of 40-300kVA. With strong load carrying capacity, high reliability, energy-saving operation mode and other advantages, it has provided reliable power guarantee for SMIC Data Center, production lines and other important loads.
Reliable and continuous power supply
Electronic equipment has more strict requirements on voltage. A small power flash or fault will affect the operation of the entire production line. In addition, the environment of industrial production lines is usually relatively complex, and some large power equipment may lead to grid surges, over-voltage, instantaneous current impact, etc., affecting the quality of the entire grid.

Based on the traditional modular UPS, the SCU CMS series adds an intelligent power protection unit, optimizes the overall layout of the equipment, adopts masterless and subordinate parallel technology, multi-level decentralized control technology, and parallel redundancy measures to overcome single point faults and achieve fault isolation. With the design of cold and hot air duct isolation, it effectively improves the overall heat dissipation efficiency, and has battery management functions such as temperature compensation and automatic current sharing, which can reduce the impact of temperature on the battery and improve the reliability and availability of the equipment.
The input power factor is above 0.99, which is almost a linear load for the power grid, does not damage the sinusoidal waveform of the voltage of the municipal power grid, the harmonic content is less than 3%, does not need to use filtering equipment, and the high-order harmonic interference caused by the modular UPS in the power grid is hardly considered, which can eliminate the impact of various problems on key loads. In the long-term operation, it meets the standards of long overload time, zero ground wire voltage almost zero, and super impact resistance, and meets the strict requirements of production equipment for power supply system.

modular UPS

Efficient and low-carbon solutions
Based on the low-carbon economic environment, SMIC has paid more attention to energy conservation and consumption reduction in its development. SCU, according to the characteristics of its production line, went deep into the SMIC survey and research, and formulated an energy conservation plan. On the one hand, it achieved capacity expansion on demand through modular design, reducing excessive investment in the early stage, and reducing operation and maintenance time and cost. On the other hand, reduce energy consumption by improving system efficiency.
The system has a variety of operation modes, among which the iECO mode is upgraded from the traditional series mode to the parallel mode. The capacitors, IGBT transistors and other devices in the system are in the low energy consumption online state, reducing the system’s own loss, and the operation efficiency is up to 99%. In addition, it can also realize seamless switching, drop compensation, peak shaving and valley filling, support lithium battery, self aging and other functions, and improve efficiency and power quality as much as possible.
A chip is only a few nanometers long, but its value is heavy, which is of great significance to industry security and even the national security. SCU is fortunate to participate in this, and will spare no effort to constantly improve the power supply scheme. With the development of SMIC, it will continue to improve the “power supply plus energy efficiency service” and create a more reliable power supply system with more application value.

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