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Data Center Science and Technology Achievement Award IECO

On November 9, 2022 and November 10, 2022 , the “Tenth Data Center Standards Summit” hosted by CDCC was successfully held in Beijing. After the strict evaluation of the expert group, with the help of efficient energy conservation, this conference focused on the theme of “gathering dual-carbon technology and consolidating the data base”, gathered technical experts from the whole industry of the data center, innovation-driven development strategy, focused on science and technology hot spot, and gathered the latest achievements of the industry, Ex plore the way out for industrial development and open up a new journey for the development of the data center industry. The conference presented three major chapters: “innovation of double-carbon science and technology”, “high-quality sustainable development” and “demonstration of outstanding scientific and technological achievements”. The IDC industry’s “Nobel Prize” industry award, the Data Center Science and Technology Achievement Award, was awarded on the spot. 40 technologies, 2 outstanding contributors and 6 young science and technology talents won the honors. The “IECO Online Compensation Energy-saving Operation Technology” developed and launched by SCU has been strictly evaluated by the expert group and won the “Third Prize of 2022 Data Center Scientific and Technological Achievements” by virtue of the advantages of high efficiency, energy saving, safety and reliability, and the brand strength has been further recognized by the authority.

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Why does IECO win the prize

1、Under the IECO mode, the UPS system is upgraded from the traditional series mode to the parallel mode. The capacitors, IGBT transistors and other devices in the system are in the online state of low energy consumption, improving the service life and reliability of the system.

2、IECO operation mode, the overall efficiency reaches 99.5%, reducing energy consumption and carbon emissions.

3、After the mains power supply is interrupted, immediately switch to the UPS system to continue to supply power to the load, and the switching time is 0ms.

4、On the premise of ensuring uninterrupted power supply, reduce the load during peak power hours and reduce peak power consumption.

5、Active power filter can provide reactive power compensation and harmonic suppression in real time and eliminate load interference to the power grid. Absorb the harmonic and reactive components of the load current, and the power factor reaches 0.99.

6、Self-aging, intelligent load test mode, applicable to on-site load test. 7. Support lithium battery, standard configuration and lithium battery system communication, display, data management, function control interface.

7、Support lithium battery, standard configuration and lithium battery system communication, display, data management, function control interface.

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Why the exhibition site attracts much attention
At the exhibition site, the whole series of products of SCU attracted the attention of the participants. The standardized series of products such as data center power supply products, new energy charging piles, energy storage systems, etc., with the advantages of high efficiency and reliability, received wide attention. The participants came in droves to have in-depth understanding and negotiate cooperation. Among them, nothing attracts more attention than the latest “integrated power module” system launched by SCU.
The integrated power module integrates the power supply and distribution system, feed system, monitoring and management system, and provides a power supply solution with higher integration, lower investment, high efficiency, energy conservation, safety and reliability, and provides a power source solution that is worthy of reference for current and future data center operations.

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