SCU focuses on supporting the 12th China International Energy Storage Conference - SCU

SCU focuses on supporting the 12th China International Energy Storage Conference

ESCN News: Confirmed by the Organizing Committee of the China International Energy Storage Conference, Sicon Chat Union Electric Co.,Ltd. (stock code: 833426, hereinafter referred to as: SCU) has decided to focus on supporting the 12th China International Energy Storage Conference in CIES2022. This conference’s theme is “Create new value of energy storage and build a new market pattern”. The conference will be held in Hangzhou Intercontinental Hotel on April 24-26, 2022.

SCU is one of the leading design and manufacturing companies of power electronic products in the industry. We mainly provide complete solutions for the three businesses: data center infrastructure, new EV charging stations, and green energy storage.

SCU focuses on industrial and commercial energy storage, home energy storage, shore power, mobile energy storage, providing customers with better integrated solutions. There are many large-scale energy storage projects in globally.

Integrated solutions: exploring multi-scenario applications

With the mission of promoting the friendly utilization of clean energy and creating a low-carbon and environmentally friendly future life, SCU is committed to creating safe, stable, long-life energy storage system applications and wind and solar storage, and it is an excellent developer and supplier of innovative smart energy storage systems in the industry.

The original design of the “new energy comprehensive solution” is not only a single energy storage system, but also undertakes the functions of uninterruptible power supply, power capacity expansion, peak shaving and valley filling, active filter, and optical storage inverter. In practical applications, SCU combines multi-functional PCS battery storage with energy storage batteries, commercial power, diesel generators, photovoltaic, wind energy, loads, etc. to form an integrated system, which realizes the rational allocation and scientific utilization of new energy power generation, energy storage batteries, and power grids.

The system closely fits the future trend of the energy storage industry under the goal of “peak carbon dioxide emissions” and “carbon neutrality”. It can combine various unit modules arbitrarily for different application scenarios to provide users with convenient, environmentally friendly and low-noise electricity services, and has a wide prospects and business value.

Main product: safety, high efficiency and energy saving

Lithium battery system

The lithium battery system integrates battery cells, PACK, BMS and multiple prevention and control measures, including three series of rack type, high power type, and high energy type. The system capacity covers 10Ah-200Ah. It has the advantages of standardization and modularization; thermal isolation and electrical isolation; active balance, three-level BMS design; The application site of energy storage power supply with long life and multi-cycle can also provide customized services according to the different needs of customers.

lithium battery

Multifunctional bidirectional converter

This is designed for industrial and commercial energy storage products, and provides more functions on the basis of energy storage, such as uninterrupted switching between on-grid and off-grid, power quality compensation, integrated access to new energy and comprehensive utilization of echelon batteries. The system adopts a modular and string structure to ensure safer operation, and is suitable for application scenarios with high requirements for grid continuity.

Power Conversion System PCS

Static Generators (GRES)

GRES integrates the multi-functional PCS and the energy storage battery to form a new standardized and serialized product. It is designed according to the protection requirements of IP54. The temperature range is from 20 degrees under zero to 50 degrees above zero. It can be used normally, and the configuration is high. The high-performance energy storage battery can achieve 6,000 cycles or a lifespan of more than 10 years. It can be combined with the grid, generator, and new energy to provide comprehensive protection for the load.

Sicon Chat Union (SCU) was founded in 2003 with a vision of building sustainable future. We are focused on the development and application of power electronic technology, the core vision is to implementing the concept of sustainable product development on a global scale. We help our clients alter industries and markets, utilizing clean energy on the daily lives of billions of people. Uninterrupted power system, Electric vehicle fast charger and Energy storage system are the three key products of us. SCU’s success is driven by excellent groups of people, spreading business more than 50 countries and regions around the world.

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