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Zhejiang Electric Power and SCU Cooperate in the Field of Mobile Energy Storage

In June 2021, SCU signed a cooperation agreement with State Grid Zhejiang Electric Power. According to the application requirements of the new power system construction of Zhejiang province, the power supply vehicle project of PCS energy storage has been customized. It has entered the trial operation stage and satisfies the “mobile charging + power reserve for emergency + peak-load shifting + spare capacity expansion” and other multiple applications in one system integration.

The single vehicle in this project is powered by a lithium iron phosphate battery of an energy storage capacity of 250 kW/663.552 kWh with the energy storage system, including equipment such as battery energy storage, floor type DC charging piles and two-way converters. As a mobile energy storage vehicle, it can not only be used to ensure power supply, but also have the functions of peak-load shifting in energy storage station, dynamic capacity increase, and high mobility. It can provide road rescue services of temporary charging for electric vehicles, which is equivalent to a portable multifunctional “Super Power Bank”.

The mobile charging pile removes the drivers’ anxiety of the mileage of electric vehicles. The SCU mobile energy storage vehicle has the advantages of rapid response, flexibility, and high safety performance. It can provide emergency power for new energy electric vehicles, and can also meet the emergency charging requirements of new energy electric buses, commercial vehicles, passenger vehicles and other electrical equipment and caused by regional power outages or other factors. It can also meet the temporary charging requirements of charging pile stations in the initial stage of construction or special places.

The system also specifically optimizes the functions of the renewable energy storage system, strengthens system energy coordination, stable control of voltage and frequency, safety management, etc., so as to achieve safer and more efficient operation. The system is equipped with a 60kW DC charging pile and adopts a modular structure design. Through communication with the vehicle management system, it realizes the intelligent control of the entire charging process. With a wide voltage DC output, it reduces power conversion and can meet the charging needs of more models.

Provide uninterrupted power supply guarantee in different application scenarios. In the trial operation stage, the mobile energy storage vehicle was first controlled to replace the traditional oil-powered emergency generator vehicle to provide power supply for the “Young Scientist Summit” and other conference sites, and the operation was stable and reliable.

The system uses lithium iron phosphate batteries to form a 663.552kWh battery system. Compared with traditional diesel emergency power vehicles, the system does not generate noise and exhaust gas pollution during operation, and is truly low-carbon and environmentally friendly. More importantly, it can seamlessly complete power switching when encountering emergencies such as faults and power failures, which can ensure efficient and reliable power supply for the venue.

Feed back the electricity to the grid to ensure the normal use of electricity for users. State Grid Zhejiang Electric Power will also apply mobile energy storage vehicles to the transformer renewal work of high-voltage lines in Wenzhou City, replacing diesel generator vehicles to participate in non-stop power grid operations. The energy storage vehicle can feed back the power to the public grid to realize the uninterrupted power supply to the load during the operation process and ensure the normal power demand of the end users of the distribution network.

Compared with diesel-powered vehicles, the system has multiple advantages such as environmental protection and quietness, fast millisecond-level response, excellent power quality, and seamless switching between grid and off-grid. It can be applied to ensure power supply for important load, improve power supply capacity of distribution network, as well as in temporary capacity increase and power supply, and multiple scenarios such as non-stop operation in the distribution network.

In the future, as Zhejiang accelerates the construction of a new power system with new energy as the main body, the SCU mobile energy storage vehicle will also show its skills and give full play to the important role of energy storage in the new power system.

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