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SCU modular data center with lithium battery solutions stands out from Qian’an Big Data Center project

With the depth of development and extensive usage of new generation information technologies, internet of things and cloud computing, new smart cities become a new urban form in the information age, which also become an important topic of urban planning, construction, and management.

Qian’an city seized the opportunity of the first batch of new smart city construction pilot projects in Hebei Province, and vigorously promoted all-around digital development focusing on improving people’s livelihood services and urban governance capacity.

Among many competitors, SCU modular data center with lithium battery solutions stand out and become the power supplier of Qian’an data center. In this solution, combined with high-performance and widely compatible storage technology, it broke the bottleneck of each unit’s own server mode and storage resources, made unified planning and deployment, and provided effective data resource support for the urban brain.

Traditional data centers have high investment costs, high operating energy consumption, poor flexibility, and difficult system expansion. SCU modular UPS system data centers are highly integrated with modular air conditioning systems, power distribution units, emergency cooling devices, and an integrated management platform in a fully enclosed standard cabinet, which opens a new generation of green and energy-saving data center mode. There are many advantages such as higher reliability, rapid deployment, pay as grow to save initial investment cost, green power, and intelligent management.

In addition, Qian’an digital city operation command center also selected SCU lithium battery system as the backup power supply. Compared with lead-acid battery, lithium battery system has the advantages of high energy density, light weight, small footprint, low self discharge rate, green environmental protection and so on. Especially in terms of safety design, SCU has made great efforts to set 7mm thermal isolation and insulating support design between the cells of the lithium battery system, aerosol fire-fighting measures are built in the module, combined with three-level BMS design, multiple state monitoring and multi-level linkage, so as to comprehensively ensure the safety of the battery system, make up for the shortcomings of lithium battery in stability, and promote the application of lithium battery system in data center, communication field, and power vehicles fields.

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