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SCU&EU customers join hands ESS project, 1.8MWH energy storage container delivery

Recently, in the batch delivery of SCU energy storage project, 1.8mwh energy storage container will be sent to Europe to cooperate with photovoltaic power generation to build energy storage project. The smart grid and renewable energy systems can improve the frequency modulation ability of the power generation side, improve the response ability of the power grid to short-term load fluctuations, and promote the safe and stable operation of the power grid. At the same time, it has the functions of peak shaving, power system black start, emergency guarantee power supply, network power regulation and so on.

Prefabricated modular to accelerate deployment

SCU configured the 600kW / 1842kwh energy storage container system for the project, built the standard battery module, PCS module, BMS, EMS into standard containers, prefabricated modular design, reduced the construction time and cost, and reduced the potential safety hazards caused by local installation differences and management risks.

Prefabrication realizes the rapid deployment of the system. A large part of the time of ordinary power supply and distribution system is spent on installation, etc. while the prefabrication of power supply and distribution system can carry out the prefabrication production of the system in the factory, save the installation time and greatly improve the deployment speed of the whole energy storage in power systems.

The prefabricated system can also be customized according to the geographical location, climate, technical specifications and business objectives of specific projects. At the same time, modular design is used to achieve efficiency and economy. In this project, each system inside the container adopts modular design, which makes the configuration more flexible and can be expanded on demand, fully meets the business needs of its rapid expansion, and has the advantages of easy control of construction quality, saving floor area, saving total investment, convenient expansion and maintenance in the later stage.

Security architecture ensures reliable operation.

The power supply and distribution system effectively ensure the reliable operation of the whole energy storage system, and the design of safety architecture is the fundamental measure to ensure the power supply and distribution system.

The battery capacity used in the energy storage system is large, and the high power density has high requirements for heat dissipation. At the same time, the problems of battery heat production and uneven temperature distribution are easy to occur in the energy storage system. Therefore, temperature control is very important for the service life and safety of the battery system. SCU energy storage container adopts high power lithium-ion battery system, cell management adopts two-way active balance control technology, BMS adopts three-level architecture management, and the system adopts three-level safety prevention and control measures, multiple monitoring and hierarchical linkage to ensure the safe and efficient operation of the battery system.

In terms of structure, 7mm thermal isolation between cells, design of insulating support, and series connection between battery pack and pcs set eliminate circulating current and improve safety. Combined with all-round electrical protection, such as high and low voltage separation, insulation detection, grounding protection, lightning protection design, etc., the reliable operation of power supply and distribution system is guaranteed.

Diversified applications and various values.

SCU energy storage container can be used in power generation side, transmission side and user side. It is widely used in many scenarios such as peak shaving, power grid optimization and so on. It has become an indispensable link in the source network load storage of new power system.

Ensure the stability of the system.

In the photovoltaic generation system, there are great differences between the photovoltaic output power curve and the load curve, which have unpredictable fluctuation characteristics. Through the energy storage and buffer of the energy storage system, the system can still output stably in case of fluctuation.

Energy stored for later use. The energy storage system can play a standby and transitional role when photovoltaic power generation cannot operate normally, such as at night or in cloudy and rainy days.

Improve power quality and reliability. The hybrid electrical energy storage systems can also prevent the power grid fluctuation caused by voltage spike, voltage drop and other external interference on the load from having a great impact on the system. The use of enough energy storage systems can ensure the quality and reliability of power output.

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