SCU EV Charging and ESS Solutions at The Smarter E EUROPE 2024

SCU Show EV Charging and ESS Solutions at The Smarter E EUROPE 2024

SCU successfully participated in The Smarter E EUROPE 2024 in Germany from June 19 to 21, where it showcased a range of innovative products, including GRES integrated energy storage system, liquid-cooled super EV charger and home energy storage charging station. SCU sales representatives and product managers participated throughout the event, providing visitors with detailed product introductions and multi-scenario solutions, which attracted the attention of many customers and partners and demonstrated SCU’s leading strength in the field of new energy.

GRES: Commercial and Industrial Energy Storage

The GRES integrated energy storage system is another highlight of SCU’s exhibition. The system integrates advanced energy storage technology to achieve optimal allocation of power resources by shaving peaks and filling valleys and smoothing grid loads. The system integrates high-efficiency battery packs and advanced energy management systems, which can flexibly adapt to a variety of application scenarios, including commercial buildings, industrial parks, and renewable energy power stations. The GRES system can not only provide a stable power supply but also achieve load balancing and peak-valley electricity price optimization through the energy management system, significantly reducing energy costs for customers and improving the reliability of the power system. At the same time, the GRES system can also serve as a backup power supply to ensure the power supply of critical loads and improve the stability and reliability of the power grid.

Liquid-Cooled Supercharging Terminal: Charge 10 minutes, range 500 kilometers

At this exhibition, SCU’s liquid-cooled supercharging terminal became one of the highlights. This product adopts advanced liquid cooling technology, has efficient heat dissipation capabilities and stable charging performance, can greatly shorten the charging time, improve charging efficiency, extend the life of the equipment, and meet the fast charging needs of electric vehicle users. Its excellent technical performance and reliability have been highly praised by the audience on-site, providing strong support for the development of electric vehicle charging networks.

Home Energy Storage Charging Station

SCU’s home photovoltaic storage and charging solution combines photovoltaic power generation, energy storage and charging functions to provide home users with a one-stop energy management system. The system can store solar energy to provide backup protection when the power grid fails. The system can identify power outages, use backup energy to power your home and electric vehicles and use sunlight to replenish itself to ensure that your home appliances can stay running for a long time.

Full participation and in-depth communication

SCU’s sales representatives and product managers participated in the exhibition throughout the whole process and had in-depth exchanges with customers and partners from all over the world. Through detailed product introductions and on-site demonstrations, SCU demonstrated its technological advantages and market potential in the field of new energy. Many customers expressed their recognition of SCU’s efficient and intelligent solutions and expressed their intention to cooperate in the process of understanding SCU’s products.

About SCU

At this exhibition, SCU not only demonstrated its strong technical strength and product innovation capabilities but also demonstrated its leadership in the global charging pile and energy storage solution market. In the future, SCU will continue to uphold the spirit of innovation, provide more efficient and intelligent energy solutions to global customers, and contribute to the development of the global new energy market.

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