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SCU won ten highlights of SNEC “Megawatt Jadeite Award”

On June 5, SNEC 2021 International Solar Photovoltaic and Smart Energy (Shanghai) Exhibition, the world’s most influential photovoltaic industry event, came to a successful conclusion. SCU, as the R & D and supplier of innovative intelligent energy storage system, took the three major energy storage products to the exhibition. The new energy comprehensive solution of “GRES static generator” won the ” Megawatt Jadeite Award ” selected by the top ten highlights of this year.

Break the new energy industry pain point with innovation

The rise of the global carbon neutral movement has pushed the comprehensive utilization of energy storage and new energy to the boom. How to quickly reduce the cost of electricity and realize the full utilization of new energy on the premise of ensuring the safety of power stations has become an urgent problem to be solved. SCU “GRES static generator”, combine new energy, power grid, uninterruptible power supply lithium battery, load, etc., with the advantages of green environmental protection, no noise, high reliability and high safety, stand out in the top ten highlights selection activities.

Prior utilization of natural energy

GREs system complements natural energy with energy storage battery through MPPT controller to ensure the generation efficiency and utilization rate of new energy to the maximum extent, and meet various application needs of customers for new energy, such as on-grid, off-grid and grid-connected with no power injection.

Dynamic capacity increase

The GRES system uses the method of “discharging during peak power and charging during valley power” to reduce peak power load, reduce the basic electricity bill when measuring according to the maximum demand, and reduce the cost of users applying for capacity expansion and the time cost involved in capacity expansion.

Improve power quality

GRES improves power quality by improving power factor, reducing voltage and current harmonics, adjusting three-phase unbalance, etc.

Peak shaving and valley filling

The GRES system can not only realize one system with multiple functions, and comprehensively solve the customer’s electricity consumption problem, but also can make use of the peak-valley price difference to earn profits for the enterprise, and enhance the competitive advantage of energy storage products in the “post-parity” era.

SNEC Wonderful review

The three-day exhibition implemented the “green and low-carbon” concept to the end, showcased many cutting-edge technologies and products, and achieved an industrial transformation and breakthrough. SCU, as one of them, also benefited a lot. Next, let’s review this event.


In this exhibition, SCU has brought three series energy storage products: lithium-ion battery system, PCS and static generator (GRES). Integrated design and multi-function configuration make the products have outstanding advantages in safety, energy saving and cost reduction, and won wide praise from the industry.


SCU new energy storage solution attracted many customers to consult and discuss cooperation. The in-depth communication enables more people in the industry to understand the technology, products and sustainable development concept.


During the 3days, SCU brings live stream to overseas friends to show SCU more than energy storage solution, Top energy manufacturer and Top solar manufacturer product.

Welcome to see it here.


The 2021 SNEC has come to a perfect end. SCU new energy solutions will be continuously improved to realize the emission reduction targets in the energy field in the “carbon neutral” era. Go hand in hand with partners to open up a broader development prospect!

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