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What is the standard for the application of EV charging module?

As the core component of charging pile, EV charging module belongs to a large category of power products, which was born out of the early modular application of power supply and communication power supply. The EV charging station power module can not only provide energy and power, but also control and convert the circuit, which ensures the stability of the power supply circuit and is suitable for charging various types of power batteries. The performance of the EV dc charger module not only directly affects the overall performance of the EV charger, but also relates to the charging safety, which is the core of building a high-power charging infrastructure.

From the performance evaluation of the charging module, we can refer to the relevant technical standards. From the practical application, there are several aspects: First, the output voltage range directly affects the adaptability of the charging pile, which determines how many kinds of vehicles can be charged; Second, the charging speed. The charging speed of the charging pile with the same nominal power varies greatly, some charging in one hour, some charging in one and a half hours Or 2 hours, because the maximum charging current is different, and under the premise of safety, users hope that the faster the charging, the better; Third, the conversion efficiency of charging, for example, the general product charging 100 kwh will have about 5 kwh of power loss; Fourth, reliability, stable operation of the product can improve the availability of charging pile, while reducing maintenance costs.

Most charging modules work outdoors. If the products are not properly protected, the safety and reliability of charging will be seriously affected. For this reason, a lot of optimization has been carried out for the first control charging module. The module has high protection level and can operate smoothly in the harsh environment such as high temperature, high humidity and dust. At the same time, it has the functions of over-voltage protection on the input side of power supply, under voltage alarm, over-current protection on the output side, short circuit protection, etc. to ensure the stability of system operation, improve the availability of charging pile, and reduce the operation and maintenance cost.

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