2021 SCU Summer Tour: Get close to nature and Low-carbon life! - SCU

2021 SCU Summer Tour: Get close to nature and Low-carbon life!

In order to build consensus and promote SCU teamwork, on July 10, SCU held the 2021 summer vacation with the theme of “Get Close to Nature and Low-Carbon Life” to relax the body and mind, increase feelings, enhance teamwork spirit, and advocate the concept of low-carbon life.

SCU team tour

In July, the enthusiasm is like fire. Gathering at SCU at 8:00 in the morning, we are far away from the heart, and everyone happily rushed to the natural oxygen bar—Western Evergreen.

Get close to nature and Low-carbon life!

Towering trees in the scenic area cover the sky, gurgling water and fresh air. When you are in it, you will feel relaxed and happy, and feel the charm and romance of the quiet and cool summer.

Green ecology, return to nature. Liuxiangu focuses on mountaineering and fitness. There are more than ten scenic spots along the way, such as Liuyan Pavilion, Huaixiang Tea House, Yingtian Pavilion, Stone Archway, and Hanging Trails, walking through the forest, making people away from the urban heat island effect. The charm of nature, to experience the beauty of low-carbon life.

SCU_Get close to nature and Low-carbon life!
scu tour

Walking beside the green mountains and green waters, full of rippling heart. Here, we don’t talk about work and pressure, we talk about life, talk about the future, get to know each other’s family, and look forward to common goals. Everyone got together to experience the warmth, harmony and vigor of the SCU family.

scu family
scu team

Group travel is a relaxation and care, allowing everyone to fully enjoy the beauty of nature, and at the same time feel the joy of SCU’s harmonious team life, which enhances the understanding and trust between departments and colleagues. May every SCU person Can work happily and live happily!

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