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SCU UPS Won “China Innovation Design Forum” Prize Awarded by China Power Supply Society

SCU UPS award

On November 12-15, the 24th Academic Annual Conference and Exhibition of the Chinese Power Supply Society was successfully held in Shanghai. This grand event brought together high-level personalities and scientific researchers from domestic and foreign power academia, industry, and government departments. Participants exchanged in-depth new theories, new technologies, and new achievements in various fields of lithium uninterruptible power supply technology, demonstrated current power supply technology, and discussed future development directions.

During the exhibition, the organizer held the award ceremony of the “7th China Power Supply Society Science and Technology Award”, the final of the “7th University Power Electronics Application Design Competition of GaN Systems Cup”, the “Scientific Research Achievement Exchange Meeting”, and the “High-end Power Supply Talent Matchmaking Meeting” and other activities. The “CMS series of new generation online compensation modular UPS” of SCU won the Power Technology and Excellent Product Innovation awards with its outstanding performance.

SCU UPS certification

SCU has researched modular technology for 20 years

In 2003, SCU launched a modular UPS system in the domestic market. Under the premise of safety and reliability, it realized on-demand expansion and convenient maintenance, reduced the energy consumption of system operation, and was more suitable for energy-saving strategy under the background of the current big data environment.

In terms of structure, the modular design provides great flexibility in reconfiguring power. In the initial stage of the construction of the power supply system of the information computer room, the capacity demand of the UPS will be estimated as too low or too high. The modular UPS can realize the installation, upgrade, reconfiguration, or mobile modular system through the expandable modular structure. Its independent components, standard interface, and simple operation save time and cost.

In terms of safety, the “N+X” fault redundancy can be realized in the modular UPS system. Compared with the “N+1” mode of traditional UPS, the fault tolerance rate is greatly improved. When it comes to malfunction, online hot plugging can be used to quickly repair and replace the faulty module, which better handles the relationship between independent operation, mutual cooperation, and smooth conversion of system modules.

SCU has successively launched 15kVA, 25kVA, 50kVA, 75kVA, and other capacity modules. The full range of UPS systems covers 1-1200kVA, supports 4 parallel machines, and supports maximum expansion to 4800kVA. With better performance and higher power density, we are able to meet the customization needs of different applications.

Lithium batteries replace traditional lead-acid batteries

In recent years, the advantages of lithium UPS in practical applications have gradually emerged. The SCU li UPS system integrates structural design with lithium battery modules. With its advantages in size, layout, operation and maintenance, safety, and durability, the lithium battery has been widely recognized by the market.

Compared with the traditional lead-acid battery, the lithium battery UPS system has been reduced by 2/3 in size, has a higher energy density, and can be installed in a smaller working space, providing more options for systems with different capacities.

Reducing operation and maintenance costs is a prominent advantage of lithium battery UPS. Although the initial investment is relatively huge, the lithium battery has a long cycle life, generally 6-9 years, and the cycle can reach more than 3000 times. In addition, the working temperature tolerance is high, and the upper and lower limits of temperature adaptability are much higher than those of lead-acid batteries, which can reduce the installation cost, maintenance cost, and electricity cost of the air conditioner. In the long run, lithium battery UPS can save users a large amount of operation and maintenance costs and is more environmentally friendly.

Achieve breakthroughs in intelligence

With the expansion of the computer network structure, the uninterruptible power supply products used in the network are no longer just a pure power supply device, but gradually becomes the power management center of the entire network. UPS has developed from a simple uninterrupted power supply at the beginning to today’s intelligent and multifunctional.

SCU keeps introducing new technologies in terms of intelligence. The industrial UPS system integrates a variety of new technologies, full digital control, large-screen intelligent monitoring system, and the operation is more intelligent and convenient. It is equipped with a variety of intelligent communication and alarm methods to achieve unattended operation. When the power fails, it can be shut down according to the pre-arranged order, and even automatically send a page or E-mail to the manager. Cooperating with the software on the server, it can also realize multiple functions such as event recording, fault alarm, UPS parameter automatic test analysis, adjustment, etc., providing a complete power management solution.

Build a green UPS system

A green UPS system requires that the UPS power supply system operates with high efficiency and high power factor, no harmonic pollution to the power grid, and no electromagnetic interference to other electrical equipment. As far as the current general online modular machines are concerned, in order to further improve UPS performance, efficiency, load capacity, and reduce losses. Based on the ECO bypass energy-saving mode and the online double conversion mode, SCU introduced the IECO online compensation energy-saving mode.

After testing by TLC Labs, the efficiency of the UPS system is more than 99% when running in IECO mode, which is about 3% higher than the online double conversion mode, reducing the loss of UPS and greatly increasing the PUE value of the data center. If it is a 100kW load, it means that the heat loss of 3kW will be directly reduced, which can reduce the cooling capacity of the air conditioner by 3kW. We know that the air conditioner needs to consume 1kW of electricity to produce 3kW of cooling capacity, which can save 1kWh of electricity.

In addition, IECO mode also has functions such as peak shaving and valley filling, lithium battery support, drop compensation, seamless switching, etc. This mode can improve system efficiency in many ways, reduce economic investment, lower energy consumption, and create an environmentally friendly UPS system.

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