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SCU accelerates the layout of European energy storage market

As one of the most important energy storage markets in Europe, photovoltaic panels can be seen everywhere in Germany, whether in cities or rural areas. The high retail electricity price, the decreasing feed-in electricity price subsidies, the high proportion of renewable energy power generation and the household energy storage subsidy policy provided by banks have contributed to the rapid development of the German energy storage market.

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Recently, another batch of “integrated optical storage systems” of SCU have been sent to Germany successively for use in self-built energy storage systems of food production, industrial production and other enterprises to alleviate the pressure of rising electricity prices. Such small and medium-sized energy storage projects account for a large proportion in Germany, and the investment and construction parties continue to explore how to make greater use of new energy to achieve higher economic and social value.
The integrated optical storage system provided by SCU integrates lithium battery and multi-function bidirectional energy storage converter (MPCS). It can combine new energy, power grid, lithium battery, load, etc. according to different scenarios, and form an intelligent and efficient energy storage system through reasonable configuration and scientific utilization.
During the construction of the project, the system is integrated and modular in design, small in size and light in weight, saving floor space and transportation and installation costs. In addition, through technical support, the internal structure is further optimized: First, the photovoltaic control module (MPPT) is configured, and the built-in DC/DC module can adjust the photovoltaic DC voltage to charge the battery, reducing the configuration of photovoltaic inverter; Secondly, the PCS and battery compartment design reduces the impact of PCS on the high temperature of lithium battery, thus reducing the energy consumption of temperature control and improving the overall efficiency of the equipment.

renewable energy power

From the perspective of long-term benefits, renewable energy can complement the energy storage battery through MPPT controller, which can not only improve the power generation efficiency and utilization rate of new energy, but also meet various application requirements, such as grid-connected power supply, off-grid power supply, grid-connected non-grid power supply. In the case of obvious peak-valley price difference of the power grid, insufficient transformer capacity or the need to reduce the maximum power load, the control strategy of PMS can enable the power grid and new energy and energy storage battery to achieve mutual integration and energy complementation, which can significantly reduce the power consumption cost of customers.
Standing at the outlet of global energy storage, SCU Electric has accelerated the layout of the consumer-grade energy storage track, carried out the research and development and promotion of the “new energy and energy storage” system with a number of core technologies, improved the utilization rate of clean energy and promoted sustainable development.

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