SCU delivers 1200kva UPS systems for data center of National University of Defense Technology - SCU

SCU delivers 1200kva UPS systems for data center of National University of Defense Technology

With independent innovation of national defense science and technology, the National University of Defense Technology has continuously deepened the technologies and applications of cloud computing, artificial intelligence, and big data. A few days ago, SCU, a professional UPS supplier, has provided 1200kVA UPS system for the data center of National University of Defense Technology. The high-density module combination and the high-efficiency and energy-saving operation mode provide a complete power supply guarantee for the data center.

Since 2017, SCU has been providing uninterruptible power supply products for the National University of Defense Technology data center. In the past five years, the IT computing power of the data center has continued to evolve, and the power of CPU and servers has also continued to increase. SCU UPS system capacity has been gradually upgraded from 350kVA to 1200kVA.

As the scale of data centers in the market continues to expand, equipment costs, electricity bills, and air-conditioning cooling losses have become increasingly prominent. SCU industrial UPS system has been expanded and upgraded, and four types of power modules, 15/25/50/75kVA, have been launched one after another. The capacity ranges from 15kVA to 1200kVA, supports 4 sets parallel and expansion up to 4800kVA. It leads the construction of data center infrastructure through high-density, modular, green and energy-saving power solutions.

From the perspective of operating efficiency, SCU modular UPS system has a total efficiency of more than 96%, and the efficiency of IECO energy-saving mode reaches 99%. And the module has a sleep function, automatically adjusts the number of working modules, always maintains efficient operation, and greatly saves electricity costs.

From the point of view of reliability, SCU UPS system adopts modular design, multiple redundant measures, and perfect fault isolation protection. When any point of failure occurs, the system can be quickly switched to overcome the single point of failure and maintain high-reliability operation at all times.

From the perspective of operation and maintenance management, the power module, static bypass module and control unit of the UPS system all support hot swap, which can realize online maintenance work. For capacity expansion, the modular design can realize staged deployment, flexibly expand capacity based on business development, and reduce initial investment to achieve on-demand deployment.

From a practical point of view, SCU UPS system meets the requirements of various power supply schemes such as 2N, N+1, and △2N, can adapt to the lithium-ion UPS systems, and supports the soft start of the diesel engine. At the same time, it has the function of energy storage, realizes peak shaving and valley filling, and reduces the operating cost of the data center. As data centers continue to develop, large or super-large cloud data centers driven by efficiency will pay more attention to the design of power supply and distribution systems. Important location.

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