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SCU Power Conversion System PCS obtains grid connection certificate of TÜV NORD

In December 2021, the SCU energy storage converter series products passed dozens of rigorous tests and obtained grid-connected EN 50549-1, grid-connected G99: Type B, safety regulations EN 62477-1, EMC EN61000, etc. This certification will help SCU PCS energy storage products to further open up the international market.

At a time when the requirements of grid-connection standards are becoming more and more stringent, the SCU energy storage converter has successfully passed various tests, and can respond to the switch and update of the grid-connection standard in the first time after operation. The EN 50549-1 and G99:TypeB certificates issued by TÜV NORD, a third-party testing and certification agency, are highly recognized for the grid connection, safety and wide applicability of SCU energy storage products.

Safety and environmental protection are necessary conditions for developing the international market. After the SCU energy storage converter has passed the safety and EMC tests in the laboratory, it has finally obtained the EU conformity certificates EN 62477-1 and EN61000. The approval of this certification marks that SCU energy storage products have high safety and stability, and at the same time meet the health and environmental protection requirements of European applications, creating preconditions for the implementation of energy storage projects in different environments.

The certified energy storage converter series products have a power of 50-600kW, and follow the modular design concept in product design, which speeds up the research and development process and reduces production costs. In addition, the product also has a number of functions such as seamless switching between on-grid and off-grid, support for new energy access, support for echelon battery utilization, independent adjustment of active and reactive power, etc. Besides achieving reliable power supply, it can also rationally utilize the peak and valley characteristics of the power grid. , relieve power consumption, save costs, and provide users with more application models and profit space.

Energy storage products such as power conversion system (PCS), lithium battery management system, and static generators (GRES) developed by SCU have been successfully applied in important energy storage markets such as South Korea, Russia, the Netherlands, Germany, India, and the Middle East. In the future, SCU will give full play to its technical and service advantages, and devote itself to providing high-quality products and solutions for the global energy storage market and customers.

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