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SCU Prefabricated MW-level UPS and switchgear for large data center

SCU provided prefabricated MW-level UPS and switchgear for a large data center, including Transformer, MW-level integrated power supply, Power Distribution Systems, and Monitoring Systems designed to work together. This solution has high integration, low investment, high efficiency, energy saving, safety, and reliability, and provides a power solution worth learning for current and future data center operations. 

After more than a month of hard work, SCU cooperated with many parties, and the first phase of 4 sets of equipment was delivered as scheduled. It only took one day to install the equipment in place, and the power-on test was completed in one day. In the future, this new power supply solution will become the next generation of medium and large data centers by virtue of its advantages in design, structure, and performance.

Integrated design to meet T4 standard requirements

The data center is constructed in accordance with the fault-tolerant system of the T4 standard, requiring all equipment, systems and modules to have sufficient capacity and capability to avoid the risk of any important load downtime. According to this high standard requirement, SCU has designed 8 sets of integrated UPS EV power module systems, each with a capacity of 2.0MW, providing a complete power guarantee for more than 1,000 IT racks.

The integrated design integrates the power supply and distribution system, feed system, monitoring and management system, etc. on the basis of modularization and standardization. All units provide 2N redundant configuration to improve the safety and reliability of the system. All cabinet uses ABB MNS2.0 standard cabinet, to ensure the consistency of system appearance and structure. Compared with the traditional UPS products, the integrated design has an overwhelming advantage. First, each system is integrated into one, which reduces the intermediate connection links, effectively saves material costs, and shortens the installation period. Second, the reduction of connecting materials can improve the efficiency of the entire system, and the energy efficiency can be increased by 1% to 2%. Third, the centralized design makes the overall structure compact and saves more than double the space. A total of 80 cabinets have been saved in this project, which is a very considerable benefit for the data center where the land is expensive.

Centralized bypass design enhances reliability

As the last barrier of modular ups system, the importance of static bypass is self-evident. The common distributed bypass static switch is complicated to control, and the current sharing control cannot be realized between each bypass module, and any bypass module failure will affect the system.

SCU integrated infrastructure adopts the centralized bypass design, the static switch is designed according to the maximum capacity of the system, the switching time is short, and the reliability is high. This design reduces the number of static switches, and has a simple circuit structure and control method, which can avoid the problem that the decentralized bypass must be switched synchronously, and ensure the reliability of switching in the event of a system failure; reduce the connection between bypasses, and improve reliability and impact resistance ability; there is no bypass current sharing problem, which further improves the security of the system.

IECO mode reduces consumption, increase efficiency

The traditional energy-saving mode (ECO) is that the mains supply power directly through the bypass, and the UPS is used as a backup power supply. Although the efficiency is improved, there is a problem of switching time, and it cannot solve the impact of mains fluctuations and power failures. There are certain risks in the application site.

In the case of taking into account the efficiency and safety, the IECO mode has been added to the integrated power module system, which upgrades the lithium battery UPS backup to an online state, and adjusts the series structure of the UPS system and the mains to a parallel structure. This mode can achieve 0ms switching, optimize the performance of the grid side and the load side, make the mains and the inverter work at the same time, and jointly supply power to the load or charge the battery within the set time.

 After the certification of TLC, when the UPS system works in IECO mode, the overall system efficiency can reach 99%, and it can also realize 0ms seamless switching between mains power supply and UPS power supply, reactive power compensation, real-time power factor correction, and harmonics. Control and improve power quality, support oil engine soft start, peak shaving and valley filling and other functions. While reducing the loss of the UPS itself, the PUE value of the data center has been greatly improved, which has become one of the key measures for high efficiency and energy saving.

Monitoring platform realizes integrated management

The system adopts an integrated monitoring platform to monitor the working status of important equipment such as transformers, UPS power supplies, power distribution systems, and lithium battery systems in the system in real time. Remote signaling function. The interface protocol of the system adopts SNMP, which can easily access the user’s free background and realize unified management. This monitoring platform can realize real-time monitoring, curve drawing, event alarm, synchronous recording, remote control, historical event query, user rights management, power quality detection, report query, and many other functions. In this way, the real-time and accurate data can be achieved, it is convenient for the operation and maintenance personnel to judge the current health of the system, and a reliable solution can be provided to realize remote control, effectively guarantee the safety of personnel and equipment, and reduce the operation and maintenance cost.

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