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SCU Online UPS Provided “Zero Error” Power Guarantee for APEC

In 2014, the 22nd Asia-Pacific Economic Cooperation (APEC) Leaders’ Informal Meeting was successfully held in Beijing. With efficient and reliable power products and technologies, Sicon Chat Union(SCU) became the power security service partner for “2014 APEC Conference Water Cube International Feast “, provided reliable power solutions for multiple power systems and contributed to the reliable power supply for this summit.

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15-year Power Protection for Guangzhou Metro by SCU UPS

Uninterrupted Power Supply(UPS) is the most widely used power energy product in the rail transit industry. With forward-looking innovative technology, SCU UPS has been applied to metro projects in multiple provinces and cities including Guangzhou, Nanjing, Tianjin etc.. In 2006, SCU UPS was initially installed in Guangzhou Metro Line 5, and until 2020, successively more than 200 sets of UPS and power distribution equipment have been installed in Guangzhou Metro, 15 years of stable operation with zero error.

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Astronomy Case——SCU Modular UPS Applied to FAST, 500-meter Aperture Spherical Telescope

As an excellent provider of power supply and distribution system solutions for scientific data centers, the CMS series high-end modular UPS power supply system for FAST has been completed and put into use, which meets the high-standard power demand for stable operation of FAST and ensures astronomical observations The accuracy and stability.

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SCU industrial UPS with SMIC project

SMIC is one of the world’s leading integrated circuit chip foundry companies. The company focus on strengthening its production and operation capabilities. The increasing number of electronic equipment is increasingly demanding the power grid. Sicon industrial UPS has super load capacity, higher protection level and multiple operation modes, and is more sturdy and durable. It is favored and recognized by SMIC. Since 2012, the two parties have established long-term cooperation.

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EV charger operator

CPO High Quality Partner for EV Charging

SCU cooperates with a national high-tech enterprise and national enterprise technology center. It has undertaken a number of national key R&D projects. Sicon Chat Union(SCU) successfully joined hands with the CPO EV Charging Station project and signed a strategic cooperation agreement. As long-term strategic partners, both parties will combine high-quality EV charging infrastructure with comprehensive charging operation services to join hands in the new energy field to achieve new heights.

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lithium ion battery application

SCU CMS Lithium Modular UPS Installed at Shanghai Jiaotong University Super-computing Center

Since 2018, SCU has established good cooperation with Shanghai Jiaotong University to provide CMS series modular UPS and UPS dedicated lithium battery systems for its super-computing center. We strictly control the whole process of system design, construction, testing, acceptance, operation and maintenance, providing high-quality power protection for the super-computing center.

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cansemi choose SCU UPS

SCU UPS, Leading the future with CanSemi Chip

Guangzhou CanSemi Technology Inc, as the only 12-inch chip production platform that has entered mass production in Guangdong Province and the Guangdong-Hong Kong-Macao Greater Bay Area, plays an important role in the development of Chinese chips. Open bidding for the construction of UPS power supply project in the new factory area of CanSemi Company, Sicon won the bid with its professional and dedicated technology and service.

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SCU UPS, the strong power supply of Beidou 3 ground receiving system

On June 23, 2020, Xichang Satellite Launch Center announced that Beidou-3’s last global networking satellite has successfully entered orbit, marking the completion of Beidou satellite navigation system’s global coverage. Sicon customized the CMS modular UPS power supply system for the Beidou 3 ground receiving system, which provides an ideal power supply guarantee for the smooth operation of the system.

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Beijing Water Cube

2008 Beijing Olympic, SCU UPS Is on Site

On 2008, Beijing was full of brilliance and passion. The successful holding of the Olympic Games demonstrated to the world the improvement of national strength and the cohesion of the nation. Countless unknown figures outside the stadium are servicing the Olympics, and tens of thousands of power grid employees are fighting on the front line of the Olympics to provide reliable and high-quality power supply. Sicon UPS is fortunate to witness and participate in this grand event and contribute its own strength.

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